IAT CORPORATION (M) SDN.BHD. Has continue to grow and establish a reputable role in the industry. Expanding steadily through the years, IAT is constantly developing new custom design of paint refinishing system, glove manufacturing system, treatment system and automated system.

IAT is committed to building quality environmentally compatible products to meet the needs of the finishing industry especially on treatment of paint sludge. This is especially important as in this new century, a tremendous awareness of environment concern and responsible in all areas of technology, engineering and manufacturing and installation ensure that each system meets the specialized needs and performance requirements.

We are recognized as a proven quality manufacturer that provides total customer service before and after product delivery. Professional in consulting design, engineering , manufacturing and installation ensure that each system meets the specialized needs and performance requirements.

Our mission of quality management as a turnkey system solution provider to customers has been the contributing factor to IAT constant success.

Malaysia Painting System:

• Automotive Painting System
• Complete Turnkey Painting System
• Plastic Parts Painting
Our painting system also able to process plastic parts painting on plastic parts molding. The painting would be sprayed on. • Robotic Painting System
We strive to provide best painting system to customer, in order to meet these goals, a new design approach has been successfully applied to robotic painting systems. This has spawned the latest phase in robotic paint systems, which can provide significant benefits to end-users. • Turnkey Painting System
• Spray Painting System
• Painting Robot
IAT Corporation other services :

• Malaysia Conveyor System
Conveyor systems are commonly used in many industries, including the automotive, paint refinishing and packaging. Although a wide variety of materials can be conveyed, some of the most common include food items. Many factors are important in the accurate selection of a conveyor system. It is important to know how the conveyor system will be used beforehand. • Paint Refinishing System Resurfacing, recoating and paint refinishing system alter or restore damaged coatings or surfaces to a usable condition. They perform five basic types of services: coating, finishing, cleaning, plating, and thin-film processing. Resurfacing, recoating and refinishing services may also perform architectural refinishing, on-site resurfacing, and web recoating activities. Material capabilities are an important specification to consider when selecting resurfacing services, plastic parts painting
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